Sunday, September 24, 2017

How Do Planes Fly?

How do planes fly?

How do planes fly?  Have you ever wondered? Have you ever wished you could BUT you can't and planes can. I wonder why? Once you have read this writing hopefully you will understand.
Four forces of flight
Lift is a force that works against weight and is created by the wings. Lift is a force the helps the plane off the ground and it is created by the wings. Did you know that lift holds the plane in the air?
Drag is a force generated by every by part of the airplane. It slows the plane down and helps it to land.

Thrust is a force which moves an aircraft through the air, and the more thrust you give the faster you will go.  Thrust is used to overcome drag.

Weight is a force that pulls objects down to earth. Lift works against weight. Newton developed his theory of gravitation when he was only twenty three years old, and published the theories with his laws of motion some years later.

Explanation about planes

Planes fly because of the four forces lift, drag, weight and thrust.
We are going to talk about the most important part of the plane which is the wings because they create the lift and help turn the plane. The second most important thing is the fuselage because it is the body of the plane. Number three is the cockpit because it has all the controls, and that is where the pilot flies the plane. Number four is the rudder and the vertical stabilisers. These help because they steer  the plane left to right. The fifth most important thing is the propeller because it helps with cutting through the air. Number six is the aileron and the flaps because it also helps move the plane left to right, these things are all important because the plane needs all of them to fly.


Overall flying is like a game of tug a war. Thrust pulls against drag, and weight pulls against lift, all trying to get their way. Now that you have read this writing you no longer have to wonder how planes fly, you know.

Up To Trouble

Childhood memories, some pass and some you just can't forget. Like the time I spread poo all over the wall because I didn't want to have a nap.  Or the time I was singing with an imaginary friend. I've got two memories to share with you today.

One weekend when I was three years old there was a surprise happening. I asked mum and dad if they could “Peas spill the beans they were thinking about.”  They said no but they told me we were going on a plane. I had never been on a plane before.

Once we were finally at our holiday destination i went off to explore the cool playground. It had a swing set. There was a tall fence with metal diamond holes. I thought I could stick my little hands through the holes but it was my bedtime so I had to wait till the next morning.

In the morning I went out to explore once more the play area. Mum popped in the play area. “This is the kiddie part. I don't want to play here, I'm all grown up,” I told mum. Mum tricked by telling me this was the big kids area and I could play in it. I fell for the trick. I sat next to the fence.  That’s when I spied a fish, a little green fish, through the hole on the other side of the fence.

I tried to touch the little green fish, but my arm wasn't long enough.
I put my little feet through the hole and they fitted. Then I put my hand through a different hole. I had begun climbing.  I felt myself getting higher and higher until I had reached the top of the fence. I looked down, it didn't look too high to me. Then I climbed down. I found myself down on the ground but on the other side of the fence!

I found a new fishy, this one was pink. Then I found an orange one and then a whole lot more. One of the workers at the resort spotted me, an escapee, and picked me up and took me to the other side where my mum was. I told mum all about that fishy family.

That’s a memory I won’t forget in a hurry.  I wonder if this next memory will be hard to forget too.

One morning I went to kindergarten. It was playtime. I had made a castle, a sandcastle and I called it castlely. When another kid came along I said in a big nagging voice “What is the password? What is the password?” Until he left.  I said in a big, bold voice “Don't come back!!!!!!!!”
Everyone tried to go on my sand until the teacher came out and told me to share the sand with everyone else. She tried to sit next to me on the sand. It was silent until I said in a nagging voice “What is the password? What is the password? What is the password?”

She told me off.  I knew what was coming to me, time out.  At this kindy, if you went in time out you didn't get to bake.  I loved baking, it was my favourite thing to do. On that particular day my castle won. I just wanted to be queen all day long.  

These childhood memories I just can't forget. Some childhood memories I want to hang onto, but some, like getting told off at preschool or losing my favourite teddy, I just want to leave in the past. Either way, childhood memories can be entertaining things.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I feel like I'm pushing against the wind and the rain hoping I will finish the no talking challenge. I`m moments away from winning.  My mouth is hungry for words, bursting to talk, starving for speech.  I lost, I couldn't take it,  it was too hard to not talk.  I’m ashamed of myself .

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Riccarton Bush

At Riccarton Bush I was just walking through the gate and then bam!  This amazing vine just popped out from, nowhere and I just started staring at it, it really made me say WOW!

Travis wetlands

At  travis wetland I was power Walking down the track and boom it shot out of the corner of my eye it was soooooooo cute I wished I could go up and cuddle them it really made me look❤️

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Discovery reflection 🐡

My favourite thing during discovery times was probably baking a cake because when we got stuck we used a really good idea to get unstuck. My challenge probably was when I was doing gymnastics, I tried to do a backbend and slipped. When I was doing craft my challenge was finding the right equipment for the right stuff,and gluing my creations in the right way and place. I overcame these challenges by persevering, asking for help, keeping a positive attitude, trying other ideas other,moving on and then coming back to it. 
The new skills I learnt was backbending and baking a cake.  

I've been working on including others. I've been challenged by it because I wanted to make a dance with Tiffany, Sophie and Daisy, then Izzy wanted to join in too.  Izzy didn't know how to do the dance moves and we were close to finishing and I wanted to say go away but I didn't, I said “Do you want to be in my dance?” and she said “Yes”. I felt good about doing that, that's the power of being kind. The key competencies I became better it was taking turns and being responsible because at the first discovery I felt like I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. Now I'm better at being responsible and taking turns because I worked hard to try and fix my behaviour and and how I act. Overall I feel proud and happy with my learning in discovery.  In term four I’m looking forward to working with different people and having-a-go at different stuff.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Speech reflection📝

I'm most proud of the way I asked for help and didn't stay stuck because I couldn't find the right  topic. I really enjoyed the part when I found the right topic then the flow began, I just started blurting it out, I loved it. It started getting easier and easier.  When I was writing my speech the hardest thing was probably to make it sound enthusiastic and snazzy at the same time. I overcame the challenge because I did heads down, bums up and just thought for a couple of minutes and that's when I found the right idea.   Overall I feel happy that I completed a well thought out speech.  I love the way I used interesting language features to make a picture in the heads of the audience.

As I practiced my speech out loud I tried to keep a straight face when something was sad. I tried to use an expressive voice and hand gestures. I tried to do as much movement as I could and I tried to use different voices.   I think I did  the following things well when I was presenting it to the class - I stood up tall, spoke nice and loud  and I said it in a cool way that it just made sense.  My challenge was to make eye contact,  show how disappointed I was, make that right connection with the audience and get over my nerves.  I overcame my first challenge, I thought everyone was a giant chocolate cake and that fixed the first one. I tried to think that I did something wrong to show a disappointed feeling.  I tried to make it snazzy and stand out so everyone would look at me and listen.  To get over my nerves I didn't know what to do and then it clicked, I  used my nerves to give me energy. 

Overall I feel amazing about the presentation of my speech because it was a challenge. Everyone did well but it was amazingly hard especially when I tripped up.